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Healthcare Systems

We are in third generation Healthcare systems, having gained from earlier narrowed perspective of HMS only systems, Pakistani culture of IT, high cost of setting up, low yield systems, venders ability to invest and lack of continuity of technology and support. Understanding private, public, trust institutions and their limitations to enabling of clinical systems, doctors resistance to switch to EMR systems, and patient the most important player of healthcare information management being out of traditional system led Trees into a new paradigm of healthcare care systems.

Deployed Laboratory Systems in Clinical Labs (AFIP, Shifa Karachi, CMH Quetta etc)
Started Doing Hospital Systems for 300+ bed Hospitals (POF Wah Hospital)
Petrochemical Laboratory Systems (PARCO and OMV Pakistan)
Hospital Systems in large Hospitals
Started moving to Horizontal Market in Healthcare, Health Eco System was Strategized.
Cloud Based Health Information Platform
Deployed new Health System for Punjab Govt in Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology and Other Labs, Doctors and Smaller Hospitals.
Hired by Australian Govt’s under Fred Hollows for Automation at Lahore General Hosp, Mayo Hospital Lahore, Sind Institute of Visual Sciences Hyderabad, Civil Hospital Hyderabad.
Project Awarded by WHO for automation of Research Laboratories at National Institute of Health, Islamabad and 2nd Project is Rural Hyderbad by Fred Hollows Foundation under AUSAID
2nd Project is Rural Hyderabad and Lahore for DIEBETIES Management by Fred Hollows Foundation under AUSAID Program .
NIH is further advancing the Olive Platform to established a EPIDEMIC Surveillance to Reference LABS in all provinces, starting with KPK in November 2018. MEDASK ( Medical Division of Askari Foundation ) has selected Olive Platform to enabling chain in Laboratories all over Pakistan. Projected to 100+ in next two years.
2019 - Present
70 Locations are Spread Over Pakistan Multi Location Laboratories ( BioCareLabs, SindLAB ) National Institute of Health ( Islamabad) Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology , Rawalpindi