Legal Informatics

CEO Asif Ali Khan’s professional IT life began with planning and devising automated solutions for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys in the late nineties. With Trees coming in to existence,  the individual endeavors started to move towards more collective and concentrated efforts. By mid nineties Trees was working with prestigious agencies on legal automation as having an IT and Legal background coupled together a unique combination.

By late nineties, Trees evolved to be working with Asian Development Bank’s Legal and Judicial Reforms project. In 2002 Trees went on its own to develop own Court Automation System for trail courts. Today Trees holds a unique team of dedicated  professionals , Judges, Trained Court Staff and a very very successful model of Court Automation.

Agehi Court  Technology involves wide ranging artifacts to raise courts from ground up to integrated to a dynamic information processing model for courts in Pakistan.

An outcome of eleven years of  researching, piloting and testing, AGEHI offers a unique approach to court automation with state of art technology and a framework that enables the :

  1. Courts to Manage Case (Case Flow Management System),
  2. Management (District Judges, Chief Justices of High and Supreme Courts, Inspections Teams of High Courts),
  3. Litigants,
  4. Advocates, and Bar Councils  to have seamless information access from  district courts to apex level courts
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