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About Us


We are Trees Technology

Setup as a software firm 1991, later went on to establish (in 1996) a consulting wing for Legal Systems for courts (Apex and Trial Courts). Over the next eight years the company worked with The Asia Foundation, The Asian Development Banks’s Access to justice projects involving diagnostic studies across court system in Pakistan , process documentation, Grant Monitoring Systems (for The Asia Foundations offices in 12+ countries) and automation enabling.


In 1991 it started of with the development of information systems for leading law firms working on internal legal systems in Patent, Trade Marks, Copyright and Case Management. By mid-nineties, Trees had setup specialized division working on Legal and Courts informatics.


In 2012 the company expanded its consulting wing to cater to Border Trade Studies on IFC World Bank Time Release Studies (TRS). Over the last five years extensive studies have been carried on Wagah (2014), Torkham (2016), Chaman (2017), Wagah (2018) and Karachi Qasim Port and Karachi City ports in  2019.

Digital Health

Trees Healthcare division provides unique set of management and monitoring tools to serve any size clinic, hospital or laboratory. These information processing tools provide reforms in Clinic and Patient handling / Disease Management, Medicine Management besides providing Electronic Patient Records.