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Consultations & Research

Conducted three part feasibility study on a project funded by The Asia Foundation. The project involving survey of Advocates and Law Firms for making strategic guidelines for Legal Product development.
Acted as Pakistan’s Survey consultant on Asian Development Bank’s Project DIAL 1997, Conducted Survey and Prepared Report.
Enabling of State Bank Circulars fifty years of archive and developed a cross reference-able Pakistan Statute, the project was funded by The ASIA Foundations. Worked closely with Law firms and The Asia Foundation for access and delivery mechanisms.
MIS Consultant on ADB’s Diagnostic Study for Legal Judicial Reform Project (TA 3015 Legal Information systems Cluster Study Group). Involved Extensive Study of all provincial high courts and Supreme Courts of their existing Workflow, Case Lifecycle Processes and basic Infrastructure. Prepared Recommendations, advised on LITIG Legal Information Technology Implementation Group).
Consultant to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on Patent and Trade Marks. Assisted local offices in developed of specifications for Trade Mark Systems.
Consultant and Enabler of Grant Monitoring System for THE ASIA FOUNDATION for their grants Management in Pakistan and 12 other regional countries where the foundation operates. Mr. Mark Reade McKenna ( has acted to lead its client process enabling team.
Implementer and Consultant
Implementing Case Management System at three districts. The project involved Setting up of Infrastructure, Implementation, Training of judges of more than 100 judges in four districts. The project also involved codifications and digitization of pending cases in three districts prior to start of Case Flow Management System.
Capacity Building of Courts
Lead expert on Business Process Engineering, Support to Institutional Reform. Provided advice, built capacity, and provide Transitional Methodology and Resource Development to Districts of MALIR, Hyderabad and Larkana.
Consultant to IFC World Bank on Diagnostic study on Alternate Dispute Resolution and Setting up of Mediation Centers in Lahore.
Project Lead on HMIS for Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology. Full scale Deployment of Data Centre, Servers/Database Management and Hospital Management System. Involved in Network Restructuring and Customization of HMIS.
Consultant to IFC World Bank on Diagnostic study on Time Release Study at Wagah Border (Apr 2014 to July 2014).
Consultant to IFC World Bank on Diagnostic study on Time Release Study at Torkham Border.
Consultant to FRED Hollows Foundation ( on Information Systems in country Ophthalmology systems implementation at Lahore and Hyderabad’s Four Hospitals. Leading the effort to have standardized processes and work flows for information gathering. Training of stakeholders and overall maintenance of information infrastructure on a two year assignment.
Consultant to FRED Hollows Foundation ( on setting up integrated health model in two cities (Hyderabad and Lahore). Building upon the platform setup earlier to link it Basic health units for screening services and forwarding Patients to Larger units (already recipient of information system) to have health records shared across institutions.
World Health Organization WHO sponsored project for National Institute of Health (NIH), premier govt health institute. The Project involves setting up an information system at Chemistry, Chemical Pathology, Hematology, Histopathology, Virology and Immunology for disease surveillance.
Consultants to IFC (World Bank) for Border Trade Studies at Wagah and Chaman Borders. The project involved imports, export and transit trade Time and Process Study.
Cross Border Trade: IFC World Bank Time Release Study at Qasim and Karachi Port for Import, Export and Transit Trade. An extensive macro level process and inter stakeholder study.