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Laboratory Management System

Remodeled innovative Laboratory Management


Olive LIMS is a fourth generation Laboratory Management System which is built to enable efficient and strong operations by connecting all the stakeholders of Laboratory operations. Olive LIMS is built on rich knowledgebase and collateral experiences gained over the last twenty years for it to be sound in handling the admin, financial, laboratory and data dissemination processes.
• Sample Management and Bar coding
• Batches of Sampling for Tracking
• Extensive Rate Control for Management of Charges
• External samples Tracking ( Samples From outside)
• Auto Verifications
• Quality Control and Control Testing
• Test Based TEXT libraries -Access to Prior Patient Reports


Traditionally Laboratory automation is restricted to patients booking and reporting core objectives. Olive LIMS extends traditional systems to bring about host of new integrations to offer LIMS data a life beyond just reporting.

Greater Connectivity

Clinicians can connect to System to have access to their patient reports and records.

Patient Profiles

Patients Reports Recent and Previous are made available via Patient Portals.


Logging Sample remotely and its Routing to Lab for any no of external locations.