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Legal Case Management Systems


In 1991 it started of with the development of information systems for leading law firms working on internal legal systems in Patent, Trade Marks, Copyright and Case Management. By mid-nineties, Trees had setup specialized division working on Legal and Courts informatics. In 2002 Trees went on to develop a Case Management System for trial courts. Trees hold a unique team of dedicated professionals, trained court staff and a very successful model of Case Management System in the country.
With dedicated Legal and Court Informatics division, Trees worked on wide ranging artifacts like Information systems, Performance and Case Tracking Tools to raise courts from ordinary public dealing offices to an integrated and dynamic information processing. Trees offered a unique approach to case management and a framework that enables the Courts to Manage Cases (Case Flow Management System), Court Management (District Judges, Chief Justices of High and Supreme Courts, Inspections Teams of High Courts), Litigants, Advocates, and Bar Councils to have seamless information access from district courts to apex level courts.


Tree Technologies, offers a wide range of modules in it's legal case management systems.

Court Informatics

By mid-nineties, Trees had setup specialized division working on Legal and Courts informatics based on the existing Workflow, Case Life cycle Processes and basic Infrastructure

Patents & Trade Marks

Initially TT’s Legal Systems started with Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights Case Management

Court Management

TT’s experience precedes setting up a basic IT Infrastructure in four provincial high courts including Supreme Court of Pakistan.